DragonTesting released a deep intelligence software testing SaaS platform on December 2018.It uses software to find bugs in software. It targets all major software types, including Web, Android/iOS, PC applications and more. Three PhDs from a Top 5 software testing lab in UNL constructed this platform together. The core is the data-driven test code automatic generation engine based on model. Current customers include Xiaomi, Tsinghua Tongfang, China Telecom and other Unicorn or Fortune 500 companies.

UI-based functional testing is the key phase in the field of software testing, and it is also the part of the testing process that consumes the most time and resources (about 70% of the total test life cycle), especially the regression test in the iterative phase. At present, the manual test (slow speed, incomplete test coverage, high cost, poor results) is difficult to meet the realistic requirements of rapid development, and providing a fast and efficient automated test solution is one of the most effective ways to solve the above problems.

DragonTesting has launched two UI-based automated test products: DragonTesting No. 1 (semi-automated) and DragonTesting No. 2 (Customized Full Automation). These two products use the world's leading test code generator technology to let tester draw graph to generate testing code and to achieve full coverage of business processes, automatic path combinations, rapid generation of UI-based test code, automatic operation and generation of test reports. The tool can help companies to achieve fast, efficient, low-cost testing purposes. This product line is suitable for mobile phone application, Web application, PC and other application scenarios. It is based on its own test code generation engine technology, and can generate testing code based on mainstream UI testing frameworks.